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One of our flagship apps, the DynastyProcess.com Trade Calculator features unparalleled control of trade values built on FantasyPros Dynasty Ranks. Here's a quick rundown of what you can customize:

  • QB Mode toggles between the base 1QB values and the DynastyProcess.com algorithm-generated 2QB values.
  • League Size renames rookie and startup selections based on the league size.
  • The Depth Slider tunes how star players are valued relative to bench players, so you can tweak values based on league size, market preferences, and personal strategy.
  • The Rookie Pick Optimism slider adjusts between our “perfect knowledge” and “realistic hit-rate” algorithms for valuing rookie picks.
  • Startup Mode adds labeling so that you can assess the value of startup picks, and can also include placeholder picks for a separate rookie draft.

For more information about the values, please check out the information page!

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DynastyProcess.com Apps are created by Joe Sydlowski and Tan Ho. You can find the code on Joe's github.