DynastyProcess.com Database


DynastyProcess.com Apps are created by Joe Sydlowski and Tan Ho. You can find the code on Joe's github.


This database pulls together a wide variety of free information specific to dynasty fantasy football, and aims to allow

Already Connected

  • FantasyPros ECR for dynasty and redraft
  • 2018 AirYards.com data
  • Spotrac contract data
  • 2018 Snap Counts from Pro-Football-Reference
  • Draft athletic data from RelativeAthleticScores.com (shoutout to Kent Lee Platte @MathBomb)

…and because this database can't always aggregate every last source of data, it also includes playerIDs for MFL/Sleeper/nflGSIS/Rotoworld/ESPN/PFR IDs for easy extensions and additions!

Possible Extensions

  • College Production Statistics (Dominator Ratings, Breakout Ages, Market Shares)
  • Career Fantasy Statistics (Totals, per-game averages)
  • Prospect Film Grades (NFL Draft Scout? NFL.com Prospect Grades?)

Got any other suggestions? Let me know!


Data Reference

Index Category Label Description Source
1 ID gsis_id NFL GSIS ID Sleeper API
2 ID pfr_id ProFootballReference playerID PFR (linkify.cgi)
3 ID mfl_id MyFantasyLeague playerID MFL API
4 ID sleeper_id sleeper.app playerID MFL API
5 ID fantasy_data_id FantasyData playerID MFL API
6 ID rotowire_id RotoWire playerID MFL API
7 ID sportradar_id SportsRadar playerID MFL API
8 ID rotoworld_id RotoWorld playerID MFL API
9 ID yahoo_id Yahoo playerID MFL API
10 ID espn_id ESPN playerID MFL API
11 ID stats_id Stats playerID MFL API
12 bio first_name Player first name Sleeper API
13 bio last_name Player last name Sleeper API
14 bio name Player full name Sleeper API
15 bio mergename Cleaned up name for merges (no apostrophes, periods, Jr's, Sr's etc) DynastyProcess.com
16 bio pos Position MFL API
17 bio team Team MFL API
18 bio age Age MFL API
19 contract salary_avg Average Annual Salary Spotrac
20 contract fa_year Contract Expiry Year Spotrac
21 fantasypros dynoECR Expert Consensus Rank, Dynasty Overall FantasyPros
22 fantasypros dyno2QBECR Converted dynoECR for a 2QB system (algorithm) DynastyProcess.com
23 fantasypros dynoSD Standard deviation of dynoECR FantasyPros
24 fantasypros dynpECR Expert Consensus Rank, Dynasty Positional FantasyPros
25 fantasypros dynpSD Standard deviation of dynpECR FantasyPros
26 fantasypros rdpECR Expert Consensus Rank, Redraft Positional (Draft) FantasyPros
27 fantasypros rdpSD Standard deviation of rdpECR FantasyPros
28 draft draft_year Draft Year MFL API
29 draft college College MFL API
30 draft draft_round Draft Round MFL API
31 draft draft_pick Selection # inside round MFL API
32 draft draft_rookieadp Rookie Average Draft Position Mizelle/DLF ADP
33 draft draft_2QBrookieADP 2QB Rookie Average Draft Position TwoQBs.com
34 athletic height Player Height (inches) MFL API
35 athletic weight Player Weight (pounds) MFL API
36 athletic armLength Arm Length (inches) RelativeAthleticScores.com
37 athletic handsize Hand Size (inches) RelativeAthleticScores.com
38 athletic forty 40 Yard Dash (s) RelativeAthleticScores.com
39 athletic twenty-split First 20 yards of 40 (s) RelativeAthleticScores.com
40 athletic ten-split First 10 yards of 40 (s) RelativeAthleticScores.com
41 athletic bench Bench Press (maximum reps of 225) RelativeAthleticScores.com
42 athletic vertical Vertical Jump (standing start) (inches) RelativeAthleticScores.com
43 athletic broad Broad Jump (standing start) (inches) RelativeAthleticScores.com
44 athletic shuttle Shuttle drill (s) RelativeAthleticScores.com
45 athletic cone 3-cone drill (s) RelativeAthleticScores.com
46 athletic RAS RelativeAthleticScore (1-10 athletic ranking based on all players in history) RelativeAthleticScores.com
47 season-stats-snaps offSnaps # of season offensive snaps PFR
48 season-stats-snaps offSnapsPct % of season team offensive snaps PFR
49 season-stats-snaps gms Games played (2018) PFR
50 season-stats-passing paATTs Pass attempts (2018) NFLscrapR-data
51 season-stats-passing paCMPs Pass completions (2018) NFLscrapR-data
52 season-stats-passing paYDs Pass yards (2018) NFLscrapR-data
53 season-stats-passing paTDs Passing TDs (2018) NFLscrapR-data
54 season-stats-passing paINTs Interceptions (2018) NFLscrapR-data
55 season-stats-passing pa_aya Average Yards Per Attempt (2018) NFLscrapR-data
56 season-stats-passing tm_paATTs Team Pass Attempts (2018) NFLscrapR-data
57 season-stats-rushing ruATTs Rush Attempts (2018) NFLscrapR-data
58 season-stats-rushing ruYDs Rush Yards (2018) NFLscrapR-data
59 season-stats-rushing ruTDs Rush Touchdowns (2018) NFLscrapR-data
60 season-stats-rushing tm_ruATTs Team Rush Attempts NFLscrapR-data
61 season-stats-rushing tm_ruYDs Team Rush Yards NFLscrapR-data
62 season-stats-rushing ms_ruATTs Market Share of Team Rush Yards NFLscrapR-data
63 season-stats-receiving tgts Targets NFLscrapR-data
64 season-stats-receiving recs Receptions NFLscrapR-data
65 season-stats-receiving reYDs Receiving Yards NFLscrapR-data
66 season-stats-receiving reTDs Receiving Touchdowns NFLscrapR-data
67 season-stats-receiving reAYDs Receiving AirYards NFLscrapR-data
68 season-stats-receiving wopr Weighted Opportunity Rating = 1.5 x ms_tgts + 0.7 x ms_AYDs NFLscrapR-data
69 season-stats-receiving racr Receiving-AirYard Conversion Ratio = reYDs/reAYDs NFLscrapR-data
70 season-stats-receiving adot Average Depth of Target = reAYDs/tgts NFLscrapR-data
71 season-stats-receiving yac Yards After Catch NFLscrapR-data
72 season-stats-receiving ms_tgts Market Share of Team Targets NFLscrapR-data
73 season-stats-receiving ms_AYDs Market Share of Team AirYards NFLscrapR-data
74 season-stats-receiving tm_tgts Team Targets NFLscrapR-data
75 season-stats-receiving tm_AYDs Team AirYards NFLscrapR-data
76 season-stats-firstdowns 1Ds First Downs NFLscrapR-data
77 season-stats-firstdowns tm_1Ds Team First Downs NFLscrapR-data
78 season-stats-firstdowns ms_1Ds Market Share of First Downs NFLscrapR-data
79 season-stats-fantasy ppr Season Fantasy Points in PPR league NFLscrapR-data
80 season-stats-fantasy ppr/g PPR per game average NFLscrapR-data


Web App > a web app created by Joe Sydlowski!

CSV format > can be linked to by any data import tool (make sure you link to the raw data!)

Excel workbook format > has all of the API connections, so you can refresh the data for yourself if you're feeling impatient!